Third March Held in Glendale in Support of “Resistance” Movement

Third March Held in Glendale in Support of “Resistance” Movement

GLENDALE, CA – Along with the rise of the “Resistance” movement in Armenia, the Diaspora has also expressed its support for the movement demanding the removal of the Armenian government for pursuing a pro-Turkish policy and defeatist policy on Artsakh.

For the third time in the last two weeks, Armenians in Los Angeles marched to join their brothers and sisters in Armenia and in various Diaspora communities demanding the resignation of Nikol Pashinyan.

On Saturday afternoon, May 21, a march organized by the Armenian Youth Federation Western United States, started in front of the Glendale Public Library on the corner of Artsakh Street and ended in front of the Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia in Los Angeles.

The marchers walked through the central streets of Glendale, chanting “Armenia Without Nikol” and “Armenia without Turkey”, while saying “No” to Nikol Pashinyan and the Turks and saying “Yes” to Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity.

During the march, dozens of Armenian-Americans saluted the participants of the event from the balconies of adjacent buildings.

Leaflets in Armenian and English were distributed to inform the passers-by about the goals and demands of the march.

At the end of the march, Hratch Varjabedian, representative of the ARF Western Europe Central Committee, who is visiting the United States, spoke in front of the Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia in Los Angeles. In his speech, Varjabedian referred to the goals and demands of the movement formed in Yerevan, the capital of all Armenians, for a month. Referring to the recent statement of the Turkish Foreign Minister, who encouraged support for Pashinyan and claimed that it is just the “rooted’ nationalist segment of Armenian society and the Diaspora that is demanding Pashnyan’s removal. Varjabedian pointed out that this is vivid proof that Turkey is supporting the treacherous Armenian authorities.

Varjabedian also referred to the ridiculous statements about the existence of democracy in Armenia and considered the arrest of more than 400 demonstrators in one day, a record in the history of Armenia, a vivid example of the lack of democracy. In conclusion, he addressed the Armenian authorities and announced, “you will go, you will lose, because Lao has awakened, Lao will continue its movement and will achieve its goal of a free, independent and united Armenia.”

At the end of the rally, Aram Manoogian, a member of the Armenian Youth Federation, addressed the march participants.

Manoogian’s words were primarily directed at the small segment of Armenian society that still believes in Nikol Pashinyan’s lies. Welcoming those who once supported Pashinyan and have now joined the “Resistance” movement, the speaker called on those still suffering from Nikolism to wake up before it is too late.

At the end of the march and rally in support of the “Resistance” movement, participants sang “Wake up Lao”, which has become the anthem of the movement.

ARF Western Europe Central Committee Representative, Hratch Varjabedian
Aram Manoogian, Armenian Youth Federation