Imposters to Hold Fake “ARF 132” Event and TV Infomercial

Imposters to Hold Fake “ARF 132” Event and TV Infomercial

Oragark has learned that a syndicate linked to individuals expelled from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation are purporting to hold a banquet and television infomercial this coming weekend, under the title “ARF 132” presumably in reference to the ARF’s 132nd anniversary.

Despite the fact that the banquet’s flier lists no organizer or host, Oragark has learned that the event is in fact being paid for with organizational funds by the illegitimate board claiming to be the “Armenian Cultural Foundation” led by Avedik Izmirlian. Multiple sources have informed Oragark that the organizers have reached out to them to give them tables to attend the event free of charge, despite claiming to sell tickets at $100 each.

The flier for the paid television infomercial, which is posted on a website run by the same syndicate of individuals expelled from the ARF, claims that the infomercial is by the “ARF WESTERN USA CENTRAL COMMITTEE.”  Oragark has been informed by the ARF Western U.S.A. Central Committee, that the program has nothing to do with the organization and is not an Armenian Revolutionary Federation broadcast.  Oragark has also learned that the organization behind the television infomercial is in fact a corporation called the “ARFDW”, which itself has admitted in Federal Court that they and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation are in fact “entirely separate entities”.

Federal Court Documents filed by “ARFDW” asserting that they are “entirely separate entities” from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)

The corporation, founded in 2006 was usurped in early 2021 by a group of individuals who have since been expelled from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.  Despite being at best 17 years old and admitting to be an “entirely separate” entity than the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the group is attempting to mislead the public by claiming to be affiliated with the 132 year old Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States hosted hugely successful events in the previous two weeks commemorating the organization’s 132nd anniversary, at the Alex Theatre in Glendale and Bagramian Hall in Montebello.