Azerbaijan Won’t Stop at Artsakh – Harvard Political Review

Azerbaijan Won’t Stop at Artsakh – Harvard Political Review

On January 22, 2023, the “Harvard Political Review” published an article written by Harvard student and Armenian Youth Federation Eastern U.S. member Mira Nalbandian titled “Azerbaijan Won’t Stop at Artsakh.”

In the article Nalbandian explains why Azerbaijan has ambitions for much more than Artsakh and how the Turkish-Azeri tandem is actually implementing a pan-Turkist agenda in the region.

Nalbandian stresses that defending Artsakh is not just about Artsakh itself, stating “Azerbaijan, and its ally Turkey, have a long history of aggression against Armenia and have made clear their intentions to encroach further and further onto Armenian land. If Pashinyan concedes Artsakh completely, Azerbaijan will not be satisfied. As long as Aliyev and his allies contend that all of Armenia is their ancestral homeland, it would be foolish to think they will not keep pushing until they win what they think they deserve.”

The article can be read in its entirety at Azerbaijan Won’t Stop at Artsakh on the Harvard Political Review website.

Image by Sarin Aventisian licensed under the Unsplash License.