AYF-WUS Hosts 90th Anniversary Commemorative Celebration with Keynote Speaker Arshak Mesrobian

AYF-WUS Hosts 90th Anniversary Commemorative Celebration with Keynote Speaker Arshak Mesrobian

GLENDALE, CA – On Friday, May 12th, the Armenian Youth Federation Western United States (AYF-WUS) hosted a 90th-anniversary commemorative celebration in collaboration with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Shant Student Association (SSA) and the Juniors Central Council (JCC).

Over 300 community members joined the AYF-WUS, AYF Juniors, and SSA in commemorating this momentous occasion. The celebratory commemoration, hosted at the Pacific Community Center in Glendale, served as an opportunity for the youth organizations of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) to showcase their work since the founding of the AYF in 1933. Further, this event provided an opportunity for the community to celebrate the efforts of the leading grassroots-led organizations working for their communities within the Western United States.

keynote speaker Unger Arshak Mesrobian, Executive Director of the Bureau Office of Youth Affairs

Throughout 90 years of the AYF, the work of the organization has created deep connections with various members of our community – including our dignified elected officials who proudly serve our country. The AYF-WUS Central Executive is proud to announce that we have received various proclamations and certifications of appreciation from elected officials. One such official includes Congressman Adam Schiff, who provided the AYF with a Certificate of Recognition. Similarly, on behalf of Senator Anthony Portantino’s office, Marco Lundgren presented the AYF with a Senate Resolution. Additionally, Christopher Khachadour representing Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s office presented the AYF with a State Assembly Resolution, and Los Angeles City Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez presented the AYF with a

Other esteemed guests were also in attendance, such as His Grace Bishop Torkom Donoyan Prelate of the Western United States, who opened the event with a short prayer and remarks that praised the AYF as being the new generation to continue the activism of our ancestors in working towards a free, united, and independent Hayrenik. Other esteemed guests included keynote speaker Unger Arshak Mesrobian, members of the ARF Western United States Central Committee accompanied by Chairperson Unger Daron Der-Khachadourian, Unger Raffi Hamparian and Unger Zanku Armenian of the Armenian National Committee of America, Ungerouhi Nyree Derderian, Chairperson of the Armenian Relief Society Central Committee, members of the Armenian Relief Society Western Regional Executive Board accompanied by Chairperson Ungerouhi Vicky Marashlian, Homenetmen Western United States Regional Executive Board Member, Sevag Garabedian, and Western United States Prelacy Board member, Dr. Kaloust Agopian.

Additionally, the celebration featured several speakers, including keynote speaker Unger Arshak Mesrobian, Executive Director of the Bureau Office of Youth Affairs. His speech not only congratulated the will and work of the AYF in reaching its milestone age of 90, but also called the revolutionary youth to action in the face of the unprecedented crises in our collective Homeland.

“ARF youth has never and will never avoid a challenge or a struggle especially when our nation is facing an existential threat and our homeland is under siege. Life is a struggle and also struggle is the only path to a fulfilled, dignified life itself,” said Mesrobian. “Actions, persistence, and dedication to our cause are all you need to rebel against what seems impossible – to penetrate or neutralize. There is no power on this planet that is able to disrupt our process because our god is our national vengeance that must succeed for the sake of the restoration of justice. Therefore, let the righteous

Other speakers included Ungerouhi Tenny Alaverdian, who served as Master of Ceremonies, Ungerouhi Aryn Yeghikyan on behalf of the AYF Juniors, Unger Alex Manoukian on behalf of the AYF-WUS, and Ungerouhi Preny Alaverdian on behalf of the ARF SSA Gomideh. The event was also joined by the talents of the Patil Dance Studio, as well as Armenian musicians Unger Tro Krikorian and Ara Dabanjian – whose concluding performance of revolutionary songs were joined by over 40 AYF Juniors.

The AYF-WUS would like to thank the various community members, AYF alumni, elected officials, and esteemed guests for joining us to showcase and celebrate an organization that has dedicated itself to the Armenian community, Armenian Cause, and Armenian Homeland.

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) is the largest and most influential Armenian-American youth organization. With chapters throughout the United States and affiliated organizations around the world, the AYF actively strives to advance the social, political, educational, and cultural awareness of all Armenian-American youth.

For more information, please visit their website at www.ayfwest.org.