ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Issues Statement Regarding Fake Convention

ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Issues Statement Regarding Fake Convention

Statement of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western U.S.A. Central Committee

On January 16-17, announcements in Armenian and English about a so-called “regional convention” and a “newly elected central committee” were made in the Los Angeles daily newspaper “Asbarez”, which is published by individuals expelled and banned from the ranks of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

Over a year ago, the ARF Bureau officially announced that “Asbarez” had been co-opted by the same rogue group and reiterated that “Asbarez” no longer has any affiliation whatsoever with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

Furthermore, the 34th World Congress (General Meeting) of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, in its statement on March 8, 2022, also clearly stated that “the only ARF entity operating in the Western United States region is the ARF Central Committee elected for a term of two years on July 18, 2021, at the ARF Western United States 55th Regional Convention. This entity is the only one authorized to incorporate the use of the ARF’s name and use its flag, insignia, and anthem.”

As such, the so-called “convention” held a few days ago and the body “elected” by it are not only counterproductive, but they also have nothing to do with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and are mere attempts to confuse and divide the public.

Our conviction is that our people should focus all their current efforts on the issue of the blockade of Artsakh.  However, we deemed it necessary to present the abovementioned facts to the public in order to protect the community and the media from deceitful reporting.

We assure you that our 132-year-old expansive, yet continuously evolving party continues its work in the Western United States in line with what has always been expected of the ARF.

Our army of legitimate members who have remained ideologically faithful and unwavering to their oaths, remain on the frontlines in the Western region of the USA, as always, in service to the nation and the motherland.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America
Central Committee