The blockade of Artsakh, a failed test…

The blockade of Artsakh, a failed test…

By Patrick Azadian

The blockade of Artsakh is a test of our will as a nation. As it stands, Armenia and Diaspora are failing at this test.

This blockade will not go away on its own. Are we doing enough?

Every individual Armenian who has at one point uttered the words “Never Again!” in reference to the Armenian Genocide should be asking themselves this question. So, what can be done? I am not sure about the specifics but what I do know is that without creative thinking, courage, and readiness to sacrifice, we will not be able to beat this blockade. And if by any chance and luck, the world powers are able to lift this blockade, we will know deep down inside that once again we were not able to defend our own.

An airlift of supplies and people, for example, is a solution some have talked about. This option is not without risks. But I wonder if this option has been fully explored by the Armenian officials and diaspora’s leading organizations. Have we actually sat down and discussed how such a mission can be completed by minimizing the risks? Will Azerbaijan, for example, be willing to shoot down a plane full of American and French citizens? Are there any other possible options?

Some of this may sound like a fantasy in a world that has become so pragmatic and conservative that it seems to have paralyzed all of us into submission, but without creative thinking and some courage the people of Artsakh are doomed.