Questioning Allegations: Suspicion Surrounds Arrests in Armenian Bomb Plots

Questioning Allegations: Suspicion Surrounds Arrests in Armenian Bomb Plots

Law enforcement authorities have detained four individuals allegedly involved in politically motivated bomb plots against members and supporters of Armenia’s ruling Civil Contract party.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the Investigative Committee asserted that the attempted attacks aimed to intimidate government loyalists and disrupt public authority operations. Fortunately, there were no casualties resulting from these incidents.

According to the investigative agency, one suspect purportedly planted an improvised explosive device near the residence of Gagik Melkonian, a Civil Contract parliamentarian in Yerevan on February 10. However, the device was mistakenly thrown into a neighboring courtyard, failing to cause harm. The motive attributed to this attack was to dissuade Melkonian from expressing certain political views or taking specific stances.

Furthermore, the statement outlined that another suspect placed similar explosive devices outside the offices of another pro-government lawmaker, Gurgen Arsenian, as well as a Civil Contract branch in Yerevan on February 20. These devices, however, did not detonate as planned.

The alleged mastermind behind these attacks, one of the detained individuals, Gagik Sargsian, along with other unidentified accomplices, reportedly has ties to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun), a prominent opposition party. Nevertheless, Dashnaktsutyun has not yet commented on Sargsian’s arrest.

Sargsian’s legal representative, Vahe Yeprikian, has stated that his client vehemently denies the accusations. Despite investigators’ request for a two-month arrest warrant, Sargsian was granted a one-month detention period following a court hearing in Yerevan.

Meanwhile, Gagik Melkonian has pointed fingers at “Russian agents” as the perpetrators behind the explosion near his residence, insinuating a potential attempt to undermine Armenia’s current leadership. Melkonian, known for his outspoken criticism of Moscow, refrained from explicitly implicating any Armenian opposition factions in his accusation.

The circumstances surrounding these incidents raise questions, prompting skepticism about the government’s assertions. As investigations unfold, it remains imperative to scrutinize all aspects of the case to ensure transparency and uphold justice amid heightened political tensions.