Primate and Central Committee Meet at Western Diocese Headquarters

Primate and Central Committee Meet at Western Diocese Headquarters

BURBANK, CA – His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America hosted an official delegation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States of America Central Committee (ARF-WUSA Central Committee). The meeting took place on Wednesday, June 8 at the Diocesan Headquarters located in the St. Leon Armenian Cathedral complex in Burbank, California. The ARF-WUSA Central Committee was represented by its chairman Daron Der-Khachadourian, Central Committee member and past-chairman Hovig Saliba, and Central Committee member and Oragark’s English language editor Levon Baronian.

Left to Right: Daron Der-Khachadourian, H.E. Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Levon Baronian, Hovig Saliba

The Central Committee delegation was welcomed warmly by the Primate, who conveyed his deep respect for the ARF, having witnessed his entire-life the important role of the ARF in Armenia and the Diaspora. The ARF delegation expressed its reverence and appreciation to the Western Diocese and the Mother See of the Armenian Apostolic Church, for its mission in serving the spiritual and other needs of the Armenian people, in the homeland and in the Diaspora.

The Primate and the ARF delegation shared information about and discussed a multitude of important issues that concern the Armenian-American community and are on the agendas of both their respective institutions.

Among the matters discussed were the ongoing crises in Arstakh and Armenia, the state of Armenian educational and other institutions in the Western United States, positions on pan-Armenian issues, and organizational issues within our structures that require urgent resolution.

In regards to Artsakh, the Primate and the ARF delegation re-affirmed their mutual commitment to a resolution of the Artsakh matter that guarantees the right to self-determination for the Armenians of Artsakh. The Primate shared information about several initiatives he is spearheading related to Artsakh, one of which involves the documentation and attempted prevention of the ongoing destruction of Armenian religious sites in territories occupied by Azerbaijan.

The ARF delegation discussed several ongoing initiatives it is supporting in Artsakh, but also in Syunik, given the risks the latter also faces, after certain strategic positions were ceded to Azerbaijan following the Artsakh war.

During the discussion on regional matters, the Primate graciously offered his stewardship to assist the ARF in the Western United States in navigating through any organizational challenges it may face locally, so that it can continue to to serve its important mission in Armenia and the Diaspora, in a harmonious manner and based on its unwavering organizational tenets.

The Primate and ARF delegation expressed their mutual dedication to continue cooperating on all fronts in service of the Armenian nation and people.