Parties of Artsakh’s Parliament Issue Joint Statement in Response to Latest Azeri Attack

Parties of Artsakh’s Parliament Issue Joint Statement in Response to Latest Azeri Attack

From August 1, armed units of Azerbaijan resorted to provocative military operations in various parts of the contact line between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, as a result of which we have casualties and injuries.

The Armenian Nationalist factions consider Azerbaijan’s repeated aggressions as a gross violation of the ceasefire regime reached in November 2020, which aims to continue the policy of Armenian hatred and create panic in Artsakh. Azerbaijan regularly accuses Armenia and Russia of not fulfilling the tripartite agreements of November 9, when almost no point of that statement was fulfilled by Azerbaijan itself.

This behavior is not new to us. Azerbaijan has always pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing and deportation, consistently violating the vital interests and rights of the citizens of the Republic of Artsakh. The events of the last few days, the presence of victims and wounded prove once again that peaceful coexistence within Azerbaijan is excluded for Artsakh. Peace is the highest value, but there is no peace under the threat of force, with the continuous violation of human rights and dignity.

During the 44-day war of 2020, we witnessed the silence of the international community and during that period, all the crimes committed against the people of Artsakh did not receive adequate condemnation, due to which Azerbaijan continues to expand the scale of aggressive actions.

— We call on the parliaments of various countries and all international organizations to strongly condemn the recent actions of Azerbaijan and take practical steps to prevent new crimes.

— We urge the Russian peacekeepers to carry out all the necessary actions to ensure the stability of the line of contact

Bowing our heads in front of all the victims of the Artsakh liberation struggle, we once again confirm the right of our people to have a free and independent state as the only guarantee of a safe and secure life.

“Free Homeland – KMD”

“United Motherland”


“Armenian Revolutionary Federation”

“Democratic Party of Artsakh”

August 4, 2022