Misserlian Family’s Contribution to KZV School Endowment Exceeds $1 Million after New $500,000 Gift

Misserlian Family’s Contribution to KZV School Endowment Exceeds $1 Million after New $500,000 Gift

SAN FRANCSICO, CA – The San Francisco Krouzian-Zekarian Vasbouragan School announced that Mr. and Mrs. Mihran Misserlian and Mr. and Mrs. Nareg Misserlian, children of the late Edward Misserlian, have generously donated $500,000 to the school’s endowment fund. This generous contribution is in addition to a previous gift from their late uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Zareh and Lucik Misserlian who had previously donated $510,000 to the KZV Endowment, bringing the total of that fund to $1 million from the Misserlian family.

In honor of this generous contribution from the Misserlian family, the school administration and School Board will name the preschool after their grandmother and mother, Ovsanna Misserlian, who was an accomplished and committed kindergarten educator in Haigazian Elementary School in Aleppo, Syria.  During a ceremony scheduled for March 31, the KZV Preschool will officially be dedicated as the “Ovsanna Misserlian Preschool” and the family will be honored at this year’s Annual Banquet Gala on April 1.

“We are humbled and grateful to the Misserlian family for their incredible generosity to KZV, and we are thrilled by their extraordinary gift, which expands the school’s vision to build upon the high standards that we have always held for our school community.  A donation of this magnitude is indeed a blessing, and we are indebted to the Misserlian family’s support and benevolence,” said KZV Principal Grace Andonian.

This donation will facilitate direct support to the school, turning it into a world-class 21st-century educational institution that caters to the Armenian community of the Bay Area. As KZV’s student population grows and the learning community expands upon its practices, this donation will help realize the excellent standards that KZV prides itself on, while building upon a strong foundation for a lifetime of academic and professional excellence.  The school’s graduates attend San Francisco’s best high schools, going on to be lifelong learners who bridge their Armenian and American identities while excelling in all professional fields.