Millions more raised to build “Armenian American Museum” in Glendale

Millions more raised to build “Armenian American Museum” in Glendale

Glendale, CA – The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California announced on Thursday that it has now raised over $31 million dollars to build a museum in Glendale. 

At its exclusive fundraising gala held on Sunday, the museum revealed that a significant portion of its funding has come from government sources.

Of the reported $31 million raised so far, nearly $10 million has come from the California state budget and at least $1 million has come from Los Angeles county tax dollars.

But perhaps the most interesting revelation was United States Congressman Adam Schiff boasting at the reportedly $500 per plate dinner that his efforts to secure $950,000 in support of the museum in the FY2022 federal government funding legislation was successful and signed by President Joe Biden.

This same week, the Armenian National Committee of America reported that Biden had cut assistance to Armenia by $21 million in the FY2022 budget and had allocated absolutely nothing for Artsakh—where the population has endured extremely difficult conditions over the last months due to gas interruptions in freezing weather and Azeri violations of the ceasefire signed after the 2020 war.

The museum’s stated mission is “to promote understanding of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Armenian American experience.”

The museum’s board states on its website that construction on the project, at Glendale Central Park, began in Summer 2021.