Los Angeles Armenians Rally and March Demanding Pashinyan’s Resignation

Los Angeles Armenians Rally and March Demanding Pashinyan’s Resignation

GLENDALE, CA – Hundreds of Los Angeles Armenians took part in a rally in front of the Armenian Consulate on Monday evening, May 9, to express their support for the Armenian opposition protests.

The participants of the rally carried the flags of Armenia and Artsakh, along with posters demanding the removal of the Armenia’s government, chanting “Armenia without Nikol” and “Armenia without Turkey”.

Several public figures, along with family members of heroes who took part in the Artsakh wars, spoke at the rally. In their speeches, the speakers emphasized that the current Armenian authorities are pursuing a de facto pro-Turkish and pro-Azerbaijan policy, ready to establish friendly relations with the same state that still holds our prisoners of war.

They also called on all Armenians who realize that Artsakh can not be part of Azerbaijan, that Armenia’s territorial integrity is inviolable, that Armenia’s statehood is an indisputable value, to take to the streets and participate in shaping the future of the Armenian people. It was also emphasized during the speeches that Nikol Pashinyan’s government is already a political corpse and that he has only a few days left, and the provocations organized by the authorities will not only be futile, but will have the opposite effect and awaken more people every day.

The rally participants then marched to Artsakh Street and sang revolutionary songs and chanted slogans against the Armenian government, marching through the main streets of Glendale.

At the end of the march, the protesters gathered in front of the Glendale Public Library, where Raffi Hamparian, Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, made a closing speech.

The march ended with the song “Wake up Lao”.

Watch the video: https://fb.watch/cVReAUNLwM/