Is the West taking Armenia for a ride?

Is the West taking Armenia for a ride?

Vicken Sosikian

Strategically released West-based news and announcements give the impression that the Russia-approved, west- tolerated, Turkey-directed, Pashinyan collaborated, and Aliyev committed genocide in Artsakh seems to have been the West’s dotted red line for the Turko-Azerbaijani recent expansionist crimes against humanity.

But is it really?

The West (via EU) recently announced that it is increasing the number of border monitors along the Armenia-Azerbaijan contact line.

Meanwhile, the West (via NATO member Turkey) is also conducting joint military exercises with Azerbaijan, prolonging its military’s stay in occupied Artsakh, and amassing weapons in occupied Nakhichevan and Artsakh.

The West (via France) is selling armored personnel transport vehicles to Armenia.

Meanwhile, the West (via Israel) is also selling $1.2 billion worth of sophisticated air defense missile systems to Azerbaijan.

The West (via several NATO member states) has announced support for Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Meanwhile, under the very same West’s watch, Azerbaijan has occupied, and keeps occupied, an estimated 200 square kilometers of Armenia.

These glaring facts lead to the main question at hand… The West (via Pashinyan) was successful in pulling Armenia away from Russian influence, but is the West now willing to stand by Armenia against Russia’s Armenia replacement – Azerbaijan – in meaningful and impactful ways?

If yes, the USA in particular should be reminded that its very own historical record and international law dictate that the only legal boundaries of Armenia are those drawn through US President Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award.

Anything less than this existentially necessary historical truth is the West unashamedly taking the Armenian Nation for a ride, one that it may not survive – the only real beneficiaries of which are Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Russia.

As for the defacto government of Armenia, they’ll continue to bask in a bottomless mirage of Western support, as the perfect cover for their partnership with Turkey and Azerbaijan, so long as Armenians don’t choose to remove the blindfolds and take control of the ride they’ve unwillingly taken.