ANCA Glendale Announces Endorsements for Glendale Elections

ANCA Glendale Announces Endorsements for Glendale Elections

GLENDALE, CA – After weeks of interviews, discussions, and consultations, the Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale Chapter (ANCA – Glendale) has completed its comprehensive endorsement of candidates process for the June, 2022 Glendale City and Glendale Unified School District elections.

For the June, 2022, Glendale City Council elections, ANCA – Glendale is pleased to endorse incumbent Ara Najarian, incumbent Vrej Agajanian, and Elen Asatryan. Among an impressive pool of candidates, these three individuals stood out as having the most cohesive, focused, and longest track record of service in the best interests of the entire community of Glendale. 

For years, Mr. Najarian has been responsive to the voices of all Glendale residents from the City Council dais and ANCA – Glendale is completely confident that he will continue to exemplify this important leadership trait. Since his first election in 2017, Mr. Agajanian has worked hard to nurture his relationship with ANCA – Glendale while working for the interests of our entire community. From our experience partnering with him to expand affordable housing and keeping our city government accessible and transparent, we are certain that Mr. Agajanian is the type of leader the City of Glendale needs.  

“ANCA – Glendale strongly supports the reelection of both Councilmembers Najarian and Agajanian because they have never failed to be responsive to voices of our community’s stakeholders.” said ANCA – Glendale Chairperson Lucy Petrosian. “Both have shown an impressive dedication to the service of our Jewel City.”

The organization is also proud to announce its endorsement of Ms. Elen Asatryan, who has been a long-time member of the ANCA family. From her time as the Executive Director of ANCA – Western Region to serving local constituents as an elected member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party – Central Committee, Ms. Asatryan has shown what it truly means to work directly towards the betterment of our community. 

ANCA – Glendale is also proud to endorse Mr. Greg Krikorian for the position of Glendale City Clerk. Mr. Krikorian has been a tireless servant to the students and parents of our city as a member of the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) Board of Education for over 20 years. Mr. Krikorian has displayed his commitment to our community throughout his career. Whether it was organizing the first commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at Glendale schools, in the early years, or the hands-on work that he does today, through the HyeHopes Organization, he has never wavered in his commitment.

“We are excited to support Greg in this new chapter of his civic service,” said Chairwoman Petrosian. “We are absolutely confident that Greg shares our goals and will have an immediate impact on the office of Glendale City Clerk.”

ANCA – Glendale is also wholeheartedly endorsing Dr. Armina Gharpetian (incumbent – Area C), Mr. Shant Sahakian (incumbent – Area D), and Ms. Lerna Amiryans (Area  B), in the respective races for a seat on the Glendale Unified School District, Board of Trustees. All three candidates demonstrate the qualities that the school district expects and needs in governance to ensure that all our students are provided with the best resources available on their way to academic excellence.  

“All three candidates have incomparable strengths and are individuals who have always responded to the priorities of Armenian American students,” noted Ms. Petrosian. “In every realm of their work, they have all displayed the exact leadership that all students need to access the learning experience of their dreams.” 

While serving almost a decade as a GUSD Board of Education member, Dr. Gharpetian has consistently proven that she puts our students and parents first and advocates for the enrichment of public education. She has been a voice of solidarity within our community and has worked closely with all students in the district.

Mr. Shant Sahakian, is running to again represent Trustee Area D. First elected in 2017, as the youngest School Board member, Mr. Sahakian has an established history of leadership that prioritizes securing access to opportunities and resources for all students. From ensuring that school community members return safely to in-person instruction to advancing legislation on term limits, this long-time community servant is a candidate that all students, parents, teachers, and staff look for in a candidate. 

“Armina and Shant represent the exact qualities that we are seeking for in school board governance,” said Ms. Petrosian. “Most importantly, both have an unwavering commitment to being the support system that our students need to reach their greatest academic potential.”

For Trustee Area B, ANCA – Glendale is endorsing Lerna Amiryans. Ms. Amiryans, a GUSD alumna, already has a long and laudable history of working directly with our district’s students, parents, faculty, and staff. Most specifically, during her term as Executive Vice President of Glendale Council PTA, she has tirelessly advocated for the needs of the district’s underrepresented and immigrant communities. During the recent, unprecedented, two years, Ms. Amiryans organized school-based support groups that addressed the mental health needs of our school community. At the same time, Ms. Amiryans worked to address the students’ needs during the Artsakh war when she initiated a forum that brought discussion and insight on generational trauma. 

“The hands-on experience that Lerna brings and the number of ways which she has already served the District are highly commendable,” responded Ms. Petrosian. “She has been a servant-leader as a parent and we trust her to guide the future of our students and are confident that the impact that she will bring to our school board will be unparalleled.”

For the open seats in the upcoming Glendale Community College (GCC) Board of Trustees election, ANCA Glendale reaffirms its support for incumbents Dr. Armine Hacopian, Yvette Vartanian Davis, and Ann H. Ransford and congratulates them for the uncontested race. 

For Trustee – Area 3, the organization is grateful that they will be expanding their partnership with life-long educator Dr. Hacopian, who has served on GCC’s Board of Trustees since 2001 and as president, for five years. It is through her leadership that students are given all the resources to prosper in all aspects of their academic needs. Under her term in office, residents of Glendale were mobilized to pass bond measures that expanded numerous student-centric services and she also worked closely with Senator Anthony J. Portantino on Senate Bill No. 568 which allows the institution to observe April 24 as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. 

ANCA – Glendale would like to congratulate Yvette Vartanian Davis for serving as Trustee – Area 4 since 2017. Ms. Davis, being the first Armenian American woman to be elected to California Community College Trustees’ (CCCT) Board of Directors, is a trailblazing public servant and educator who has never failed to meet the needs of our local college students. On the CCCT level, Ms. Davis is able to represent the priorities and interests of GCC students on a state-level. 

Furthermore, ANCA – Glendale commends Ms. Ann H. Ransford for continuing to represent Trustee – Area 2. Ms. Ransford has a strong connection with the college as she has been on the Board of Trustees for 14 years and, previously, served as an administrator for over three decades. As president of the CCCT, she has persistently stood up for the advancement of much needed policies and has been a strong force during the various improvements made to the campus’ facilities. 

“Our ANCA- Glendale team is strongly appreciative of having the opportunity to work alongside these three exceptional leaders through our shared goals,” said Ms. Petrosian. “Armine, Yvette, and Ann are only going to amplify all the phenomenal work that they are putting in for our college students.”

If you are interested in supporting ANCA Glendale’s city-wide GOTV efforts, please refer to and our staff will respond accordingly. 

ANCA Glendale advocates for the social, economic, cultural, and political rights of the city’s Armenian American community and promotes increased civic participation at the grassroots and public policy levels.