Zvart Vartanian  (1941 – 2023)

Zvart Vartanian  (1941 – 2023)


Beloved wife, mother, sister, grandmother, devoted philanthropist, and honorable educator. Peacefully passed away on October 5th, 2023.

Zvart Vartanian-Simonian is the daughter of the well-known Vaspurakan Varagavank graduate teacher, and executive director of the migration committee, Kegham Vartanian, and the spouse of the well-known international and Olympic referee in Bodybuilding and Weightlifting, Karekin Simonian.

Zvart was born in Mosul-Iraq in 1941, to Armenian parents, Kegham and Araksi Vartainian, who had 10 children. She received her primary education at Basrah Armenian School and her secondary and tertiary education at Basrah State Schools. Then, she returned to the Armenian national school in Basrah to work as a teacher, in the early 1960’s, where she taught scientific subjects. She became a respected and honorable educator and inspired a generation of students, who always remembered her and still remember her with great respect, love, and gratitude.

In turn, she was proud of her students who achieved higher education and occupied, excellent positions in their field of science.

Zvart was an active community member, involved with various humanitarian, social, and educational organizations, in Iraq, Armenia, and America, such as The Armenian Relief Society, “HOM”, and the Vaspurakan Society whom she continuously supported their charity in Los Angeles. She was also a member of the Red Cross and the Ladies Guild of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Iraq and Armenia, as well as the Vice President of the Ladies Guild of Saint Sarkis Church in Armenia for 5 years.

Zvart Vartanian married Karekin Simonian in Baghdad, on January 14, 1967. Karekin was also a member of the Vaspurakan Society, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, and other various organizations. He was granted multiple Gold Medals during his long service in sports, including a Gold Medal for establishing the Bodybuilding and weightlifting club in Armenia. Together they had three children (Dr. Margaret Simonian, Sarkis Simonian, and Antranik Simonian) and two grandchildren (Leo and Henry Simonian). So devoted was she to her family, that she would lovingly do anything she could to support them. She was a role model for them and each pursued. Her loyalty and selflessness are manifest in the love she has for her grandchildren and the love they have for her.

Mrs Vartanian not only inherited her father’s profession, but she also inherited his patriotism, in turn, she passed it on to her children, securing the three of them, higher university education. Today, they are well-known professionals, appreciated by their peers and by the Armenian and foreign circles, each in their field of expertise. Her patriotism is further exemplified in her children.  Sarkis Simonian has been the Chair of the Armenian National Committee of Burbank for 5 years now.

Mutual respect was the principle of the late Mrs Vartanian. She has been respectful to everyone, including her students, teaching staff, parents, and the community, earning their respect in turn.

Although physically, Zvart is not with us today, she is in the memories and hearts of her children, relatives, and friends. And she will remain forever loved and unforgettable.

May God Enlighten her soul and make it worthy to enter the gates of heaven and give peace and comfort to her children and relatives.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, Oct 21st– 1 pm

St Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church

500 S Centrale Ave

Glendale CA 91204

Burial Service

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

1712 S Glendale Ave

Glendale, CA 91205

Lunch Reception

Shiraz restaurant

211 S Glendale Ave

Glendale CA 91205