Worldwide ARF Bodies Hold Conference

Worldwide ARF Bodies Hold Conference

On November 17-18, 2022, a conference of representatives of worldwide ARF bodies was held in Lebanon at the invitation of the ARF Bureau.

The meeting reviewed reports on the political, organizational, public relations, Hay Tahd, youth units and ARF-affiliated organizations of the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora.

Along with reviewing the reports, the conference examined the issues faced by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation on both internal and external fronts, noting that in order to overcome the current difficult situation created by the policies of the authorities of our country, a complete change of the regime is imperative.

The conference emphasized the need to expand the popular movement to reject the one-sided coercive programs in solidarity with the massive rally held recently in Artsakh and following its example.

The representatives of the ARF bodies also discussed today’s geopolitical conditions and trends along with the work of the Armenian National Committees. The special agenda also emphasized the imperative to fully use the potential of the Diaspora for the implementation of patriotic programs and to stand firmly with the distressed communities of the Diaspora.

Summarizing its work, the conference of ARF bodies noted the importance to renew integrated and coordinated work in pursuit of the mentioned priorities.