Why this publication?

Why this publication?

The Armenian-American community in the Western United States can play a crucial role in the lives of our homeland and people.

In the last few decades, the inflow of Armenians to this region, especially from the Middle East and then from Armenia, has been increasing day by day. Even before the turn of the 21st century, the massive Armenian-American community in the Western United States had already transformed into one with unique characteristics.

Along with this population boom, the presence of Armenians in the nation’s economic, cultural and political spheres has also become increasingly significant. Today, Armenians have an increasingly important role to play at all levels in the political fabric of this nation.

Today, American-Armenians also have their unique sets of issues and concerns—both having to do with Armenian matters and broader issues as American citizens.  Some Armenian-Americans, endowed with a newfound range of wide opportunities in a new country, may have different priorities.  However, in addition to capitalizing on the opportunities available to us on these shores as law-abiding citizens, we must not forget that we also have obligations to our homeland and people as dedicated Armenians.

The Armenian community of the Western United States, with its diversity, its material and political capabilities, its willing potential, and especially its inseparable ties to the homeland, can play a crucial role in the lives of our homeland and people as a constructive and genuine partner. There are many reasons why we as a people have yet to fully realize this potential.  However, what is in front of us today is the future of our nation, our homeland, and our community.  We all realize that without Armenia and Artsakh the Diaspora itself is meaningless and doomed to oblivion.

The Armenian-American community of the Western United States was not left unscathed by the processes that caused the greatest disruptions to the lives of our people since Armenia’s and Artsakh’s independence.  Despite some pre-existing conditions, most of the calamity has been caused by the Pashinyan regime, which came to power in 2018 with promises of a better future.

Then, the short-lived reinvigoration caused by the 44-day Artsakh war and the awakening experienced by our community, especially among our youth, was replaced by despair and indifference caused by the defeat of Armenia that was dictated by dubious conditions.

The dubious forces that have surfaced on the Armenian political scene are not only trying to reorient Armenia’s and Artsakh’s society and political processes but are increasingly attempting to weaken and spread divisiveness within the Armenian Diaspora.

As a community, we have long and arduous work ahead of us on both internal and external fronts: there is work to be done for the sake of the homeland, there is work to be done for the preservation of future generations and for the existence of the nation. “Oragark” will be by your side to contribute to the success of this selfless work as a new member of the ARF press family.