What is fueling the Pashi-Yev partnership against Armenia’s Constitution?

What is fueling the Pashi-Yev partnership against Armenia’s Constitution?

Recently, Aliyev gave himself the right to meddle in Armenia’s internal affairs again by proclaiming that Armenia needs a new constitution. Not surprisingly, and consistent with previous instances of shared talking points between the barbarian of Azerbaijan and the traitor of Armenia, Pashinyan said virtually the same exact thing and went even further, stating that it’s not constitutional amendments that Armenia needs but an entirely new Constitution. He is already working on a new draft.

So what is fueling the Pashinyan-Aliyev partnership in stripping Armenia of its current constitution and creating a new one? After all, Pashinyan has already (and in violation of the constitutional order) changed various aspects of the constitution to further extend his reach and his dominion over the governance of Armenia.

In short, the Pashi-Yev partnership, sponsored by Erdogan, is pursuing the formalization of:

1) Armenia’s abandonment of Artsakh. The preamble of the Constitution takes as its basis, “the fundamental principles of the Armenian Statehood and the nationwide objectives enshrined in the Declaration on the Independence of Armenia” where Artsakh and the pursuit of self-determination are cited.

2) Armenia’s abandonment of the pursuit of justice for the Armenian Genocide. The Declaration of Independence states that “the Republic of Armenia supports the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 in Ottoman Turkey and Western Armenia.”

3) Armenia’s abandonment of the Church. Article 18, Part 1 of the Constitution states that “the Republic of Armenia shall recognize the exclusive mission of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, as a national church, in the spiritual life of the Armenian people, in the development of their national culture and preservation of their national identity.”

4) Removing potential obstacles to the ratification of international treaties. Article 168, Part 3 of the Constitution states that “before the ratification of an international treaty, [the Constitutional Court] determines the compliance of the commitments enshrined therein with the Constitution.”

5) Removing potential barriers to further surrender of Armenian territories. Article 169, Part 13, Section 2 requires the parliament to “apply to the Constitutional Court in respect of amendments to the Constitution, membership in supranational international organizations, or territorial changes.”

6) Removing any connection between Armenia(ns) and Mount Ararat. Article 21, Part 2 of the Constitution states that “the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia shall be as follows: in the center, a shield with the representation of Mount Ararat with Noah’s Ark and the Coats of Arms of the four kingdoms of historical Armenia.”

The points mentioned above, along with many other points contributing to Armenia’s independence and sovereignty, have been and continue to be a target for the continuously expanding Pashinyan-Aliyev partnership. This axis of evil will most certainly achieve their goals (as they have thus far) should they not be prevented.