We Need to Change  Political Course Before We Reach the Point of No Return – Artur Khachatryan

We Need to Change Political Course Before We Reach the Point of No Return – Artur Khachatryan

On March 16, Artur Khachatryan, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Parliament Member of the Republic of Armenia “Hayastan” faction was the guest of the Armenian Hraparak TV’s program “Thursday”. He spoke about the processes unfolding around Artsakh and the destructive policy of the current government of the Republic of Armenia, and presented his evaluations of the individual statements and comments made by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia during the last press conference.

Talks about integrating Artsakh with Azerbaijan were discussed during the program. Addressing the issue, Artur Khachatryan specifically noted: “Let’s first understand that integration in this case means handing over Artsakh to Azerbaijani sovereignty. They are not horizontal level integrations. Azerbaijan and Artsakh as negotiating parties are on very different levels. Azerbaijan does not even consider Nagorno Karabakh as a negotiating party, they say that Armenians are a national minority of Azerbaijan, and let their community representatives come to negotiate. They don’t even accept the authorities of Artsakh as a local self-government body. And under such conditions, what will this integration give? It means that after a few months, no more Armenians will live in Artsakh.”

Khachatryan was posed the question, “What are the ways out of the current situation?”

He responded, “in order for us to have a chance, at least a chance to turn the situation around, this political course must change, and the political force that implements this course must go. In the short term, the issue of Artsakh, the issue of the status of Artsakh should be returned to the agenda of negotiations. The international community is still talking about it even in this situation. The European Parliament recently adopted two resolutions on Artsakh’s right to self-determination, the French Parliament is talking about it, even the Chancellor of Germany spoke about the priority of nations’ right to self-determination. Everyone talks about the right to self-determination, except the authorities of Armenia. They say we are constrained… Go, then, and let those who are not constrained come. I repeat, if this course continues, we are going to be worse off. The entire trajectory of the current authorities shows that we were in a better state yesterday than today. But if you think we’ve reached rock bottom, we haven’t. We still have room to fall and these authorities will lead to that bottom. Therefore, as soon as possible, the political course must be changed, that is, the government that leads that course, before we reach the point of irreversibility.”