Under Nikol’s rule, We’ll Have a New War and a New Capitulation – Ishkhan Saghatelyan

Under Nikol’s rule, We’ll Have a New War and a New Capitulation – Ishkhan Saghatelyan

During the last 2.5 years, the opposition forces operating in the Republic of Armenia have made at least 3 large attempts to get rid of the regime and bring the country to a stage of normal development. On February 25, Member of Parliament from the “Armenia” faction and Chair of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia discussed the shortcomings and successes of the opposition during a discussion titled “The Struggle” at the “Bekum” youth forum. 

In his words, the “Movement for the Salvation of the Fatherland” reached the point where the government could not move freely, expand its activities, and announced an emergency election.

“The argument that if we had not participated in the elections, the elections would not be legitimate, to put it mildly, is not true, because 25 political forces participated in the elections,” he said, noting that the opposition did not agree with anyone to go elections, but considered the elections as an opportunity to get rid of the authorities.

According to Saghatelyan, the “Resistance” movement had many achievements, as well as shortcomings and omissions, from which it must learn and move forward.

“We have problems that we haven’t been able to solve yet, the first problem is that our people do not have the deep conviction that the current government is the cause of all this. They came to a belief that no matter who it was, this was going to happen, that this was fate, the end of the Artsakh movement and the struggle was going to be this, so it was not possible to achieve the result, and they are not responsible for this.”

Saghatelyan expressed his conviction that if a national government comes to power, Armenia will definitely be able to stop the chain of these defeats and get the country out of this situation. “Under Nikol’s rule, we will have a new war and a new capitulation. Our main task is to seriously prepare and continue the struggle, this government will bring new losses every day,” he said.