“This Government Fails to Protect its Own Territory from Encroachments”

“This Government Fails to Protect its Own Territory from Encroachments”

Gegham Manukyan, a member of the Supreme Body of ARF Armenia, and Parliament Member remarked on the recent shootings that took place in the direction of the Syunik airport in Kapan.

“Yesterday, Nikol told another fairy tale to our compatriots and was proud that regular flights will soon start at Kapan airport.

“How many of our non-Syunetsi compatriots know or have seen that the flag of Azerbaijan has been flying over the airport where he landed, with secret consent, since December 2020?

“A few hours after Nikol’s arrival, the RA border guard troops announced that the Azerbaijanis approached the airport and opened fire in its direction. It is clear from the message that there was no retaliatory fire, and the Armenian border guards only ‘gently’ urged the Azerbaijanis to ‘conduct a proper investigation regarding the incident and take measures to exclude the repetition of such incidents’. Moreover, they are ready to cooperate in this matter. Let me remind you that the RA border guard troops have not had a commander for several months.

“This is the future and the peace promised by this government, when you even fail to protect your own territory from encroachment.

“They have long since destroyed the security and defense systems. They continue the same destruction.

“It is easy to land at the Kapan airport, surrounded by bodyguards, perhaps having previously agreed with the Azerbaijanis, but under these conditions, who will provide security, if even an adequate response to the aggression is not given?”