Recent Protests Are Just “Imitations” Controlled by Yerevan, Says Ishkhanyan

Recent Protests Are Just “Imitations” Controlled by Yerevan, Says Ishkhanyan

“A statement related to the situation in Artsakh will be adopted, I cannot say the content at the moment, because they are still working on the text,” stated Davit Ishkhanyan, a member of the ARF Bureau, and member of the “ARF” faction of the Artsakh National Assembly, a conversation with MediaHub.

Today it was reported from Artsakh that an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh will be convened tomorrow at the initiative of the NA deputies, with the agenda set by the initiator.

Ishkhanyan excludes that, based on the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Artsakh, the government and the opposition will give way and agree to EU President Charles Michel’s proposal to receive humanitarian aid in Aghdam.

“I don’t think that anyone will accept that offer. At least after the discussions of the past days and that point of view from Brussels, there was no sign that anyone in Artsakh would talk about receiving humanitarian cargo through Aghdam, there is no such thing,” he said.

Ishkhanyan does not know what was behind the statements of Araik Harutyunyan, the President of the Republic of Artsakh, who started a sit-in a few days ago in Renaissance Square, and had spoken about “taking extreme steps.”

“I cannot comment on what he means and what this extreme step will be. We don’t have the answer to that question,” he said, noting that the Artsakh government was late.

According to Davit Ishkhanyan, after November 9, 2020, Araik Harutyunyan should have taken such steps that would be consistent with the problems created in Artsakh.

“We have always talked about the problems, we have urged to be attentive, we have tried to make a breakthrough in the internal life of Artsakh, but we have what we have,” he added.

According to Ishkhanyan, the protest actions taking place in Armenia and Artsakh these days are controlled by one source , the Republic of Armenia authorities.

“I think that the opinions that the authorities of Artsakh are guided by the authorities of Armenia are true. It should also be noted that what has been happening in the Stepanakert square for the past week and a half is more of an imitation than a natural process. Unfortunately, we are unable to make separate decisions,” he emphasized.

And in response to a question on what the opposition proposes? “The opposition has been talking about creating a crisis management system for a long time, it has been proposing to make serious changes for a long time. But we could not register any success at all,” Ishkhanyan added.

Lia Sargsyan