Presentation of the Photo Book “I Am, I Exist” Takes Place in Gyumri

Presentation of the Photo Book “I Am, I Exist” Takes Place in Gyumri

GYUMRI, ARMENIA – On July 12, the presentation of the photo book I Am, I Exist (Yes Em Yes Kam) published by the Yerevan office of the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society took place in the ARF “Shirak Shirvanyan” center of Gyumri.

The photo book presents the works of 25 heroic painters and sculptors who died in the 44-day Artsakh war.

During the event’s opening remarks, Ruzan Arakelyan, director of Hamazkayin’s Yerevan office, mentioned that the first presentation of the photo book took place on June 7 in Yerevan. Arakelyan emphasized that “such events are an opportunity to remember again our creative boys who left lasting art values ​​during their short lives. What they left behind is also a message for the living to continue their unfinished business both in art and on the battlefield. I should also mention that before the compilation of the photo book the Yerevan office of Hamazkayin had also initiated the printing of a collection of literary works of heroes martyred in the 44-day war.”

Zakar Keshishyan, Chairman of the Central Executive Board of Hamazkayin, speaking about the importance of preserving national education and culture, remembered the founders of Hamazkayin, who were convinced that the only guarantee of remaining Armenian away from the Motherland is the preservation of Armenian culture. “Our heroic boys are giving the same message today. Their sacrifice is the greatest lesson of loving the Motherland,” said Keshishyan.

Artashes Shahbazyan, a member of the central executive board of Hamazkayin, and the editor-in-chief of Droshak highlighted that the overarching message of the photo book and events such as these is to turn patriotism into a psychology and daily hard work in each of our lives.