Pashinyan is begging day and night to sign a peace treaty – Harut Sassounian

Pashinyan is begging day and night to sign a peace treaty – Harut Sassounian

Pashinyan is begging day and night, Harut Sassounian, editor and publisher of the California Courier newspaper, told Alpha News.

According to him, it is offensive that the head of the country makes anti-constitutional statements on Constitution Day.

“Pashinyan contradicts himself. Two years ago, he established a commission for constitutional reforms, consisting of all the members of the members of the Civil Contract Party with no opposition. These people have been meeting every week for 2 years, it is not known what they were talking about or deciding. Two years ago, there was no talk of amending the Constitution.

Pashinyan suddenly announced that a new commission should be formed. He did not even inform the members of that commission. People wasted two years, and now they have to start from scratch. Pashinyan said that the new Constitution should be completed by the end of 2026, in two and a half years, but Aliyev says that he will not sign a peace treaty without amending the Constitution.

Pashinyan’s goal is to comply with Aliyev’s demands, change the Constitution, and sign a peace treaty. He is begging day and night to sign a peace treaty. But with his speech, he contradicts his goals and Aliyev’s instructions,” Sassounian said.

According to him, Aliyev’s bold behavior today results from victory.

“From time to time, in the constitutions of all countries, including the USA, some clauses are changed by majority vote, and additions are made. The problem is that the discussions about the Constitution started after Aliyev’s speech. Aliyev is so proud of his victories that he makes bold statements.

If Aliyev had not said that, Pashinyan would have said, ‘The Constitution is not perfect, we must examine it, see what can be changed.’ No constitution is perfect, changes are made after some time. But he talked about the amendment of the Constitution after Aliyev’s announcement. That is the problem,” Harut Sassounian concluded.