Pashinyan Effectively Attempts to Exonerate Azerbaijan of Ethnic Cleansing

Pashinyan Effectively Attempts to Exonerate Azerbaijan of Ethnic Cleansing

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused the opposition of exploiting residents of Nagorno-Karabakh for political gain during a government session on Thursday. He criticized their use of these residents as mere tools for rallies, suggesting that they were indifferent to the welfare of “Nagorno-Karabakh”. Pashinyan, visibly angered, pointed out that the opposition had manipulated sentiments in “Nagorno-Karabakh “against the government and Armenian people to bolster their own political standing.

He accused the opposition of paying these residents a measly 5,000 drams(13 USD) to participate in demonstrations, asserting that their ultimate aim was to destabilize Armenia and seize power.

“You exploit the population of Nagorno-Karabakh for your rallies. Today, you pay them 5,000 drams and bring them to demonstrations,” Pashinyan shouted angrily at opposition deputies, accusing them of seeking to transform Armenia into a pawn in their political maneuvers.

“You’re only interested when it serves your purpose. You exploited the situation during rallies, barely attracting a few thousand people, and now you’re using Nagorno-Karabakh residents as rally fodder, paying them a pittance,” Pashinyan exclaimed passionately.

He warned that the opposition’s tactics were now targeting the people of Armenia, aiming to seize power through similar divisive methods.

Pashinyan lost his temper and began shouting at the opposition deputies, declaring that their goal is to turn Armenia into a diocese.

By claiming that the opposition brought the residents of Artsakh from their ancestral homeland to Armenia proper in as some sort of maneuver to oust the current government Pashinyan effectively washes the bloody hands of Aliyev and Azerbaijan. He effectively exonerates Azerbaijan by laying the blame at the feet of the opposition.