Orange County Community Celebrates February Revolt

Orange County Community Celebrates February Revolt

All proceeds to benefit Armenians in Artsakh

The Orange County Armenian American community celebrated the 102nd Anniversary of the February Revolt on February 17, 2023, at the Barsamian Armenian Center in Orange County; Ghazarian Hall was full of community members, most notably the youth, in what has become a traditional annual event.

The even was organized by the ARF Armen Karo Gomideh’s Social Committee with a dual purpose: first, to emphasize the importance of the February Revolt in Armenian history and to outline the lessons It provides in light of the current situation in the Homeland; and second, to raise funds to assist our fellow Armenians who remain cut-off from the world, blockaded and held hostage by Azerbaijan for over 70 days.

Reverend Karekin Badourian opened the very successful event with a prayer and spoke about the importance of the February Revolt, followed by AYF OC Aghpiur Serop Junior chapter singing the national anthems of Armenia and Artsakh, and other patriotic songs. Hagop Badolian spoke on behalf of the ARF Armen Karo Gomideh, Aram Hamparian on behalf of the ANCA national office, and Kevork Madenlian on behalf of the AYF. Gev Iskajian, director of the ANC Artsakh office joined remotely and provided updates from Stepanakert.

All of the $12,000 raised during the event will be allocated to much needed humanitarian assistance for the Armenians of Artsakh, still subject to unimaginable conditions as a result of Azaerbaijan’s blockade.

We thank all those who attended and supported the celebration, our donors, and mistress of ceremonies Nairi Chopurian who did an amazing job.