Official Statement of the AYF-WUS Marking 90 Years of Activism

Official Statement of the AYF-WUS Marking 90 Years of Activism

90 years ago today, in Watertown, Massachusetts, revolutionary and ֆէտայի Garegin Njdeh had a vision – and from it, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) was born.

In its lengthy and thriving lifetime, the AYF has worked endlessly to fulfill one mission: to advance the goals of a free, independent, and united Armenia. Within its trials and tribulations, the AYF has grown and served communities in the Homeland through its various programs – making its mark on the world as the leader of the Armenian Diaspora.

The work carried out by the AYF has taught us that there is something bigger than ourselves to work towards: the Homeland. Garegin Njdeh’s words, «մարդկային գործերի մէջ ամենասրբազանը հայրենիքի պաշտպանութիւնն է» ring true now more than ever. We must call upon ourselves to protect our Homeland and allow that ideology to guide our work, especially when our nation is faced with adversity. It is only through this effort that the salvation of our Homeland can be realized.

We are forever grateful to Garegin Njdeh and to the ընկերներ who followed him, for being visionary leaders, for giving the Armenian youth a home away from home, and for reminding us that the Homeland is above all.

Our work is dedicated to you, Njdeh, to our soldiers, our martyrs, and our Ընկերներ – we pledge ourselves to the Homeland just as you did. 

Յարատեւ պայքար –

For a free, independent, united, and eternal Armenia.

For the restoration of Artsakh in its entirety.

For Western Armenia.

For Nakhichevan.

For Javakhk.

For the Homeland, always.

Յանուն հայրենիքի:

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation remains the largest and most influential Armenian youth organization; with chapters throughout the United States and affiliated organizations around the world. Inspired by our past and motivated by the needs of the future, we rededicate ourselves to find injustice and act to correct it.

In Revolutionary Spirit, 

Armenian Youth Federation – Armenian Revolutionary Federation Youth Organization Western United States 

Central Executive