Novelty with Levon Baronian Airs New Episode Discussing Soft Power in Armenia

Novelty with Levon Baronian Airs New Episode Discussing Soft Power in Armenia

Novelty’s new episode features guest Ani Ma a political analyst. Together she and Levon tackle what exactly soft power is and its contemporary application particularly as it pertains to Armenia. They analyze Western institutions and their role in flooding and agitating the political situation in the Republic of Armenia.

Ani highlights the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), in exerting soft power globally. She explains how these organizations fund initiatives in foreign countries to ostensibly promote democracy when in reality it’s more along the lines of influencing political outcomes towards a certain direction. Ani discusses specific instances of NED funding in Armenia, including support for media outlets linked to current political figures. She raises concerns about the transparency of such funding and its impact on journalistic integrity.

The conversation delves into the history of political figures like Nikol Pashinyan and his allies, examining their past interactions with Western entities and their portrayal in media funded by these organizations. Ani suggests that Western interests in Armenia are driven by a desire to influence political outcomes under the guise of promoting democracy, though she acknowledges the complexities of geopolitical rivalries in the region.

Ultimately, the discussion underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in foreign funding initiatives, particularly in vulnerable democracies like Armenia. Ani emphasizes the need for critical examination of media narratives and the potential consequences of external influence on political processes.