Joint Statement by SDHP, ARF, ADL of the Western United States

Joint Statement by SDHP, ARF, ADL of the Western United States

January 29, 2023

On the evening of Friday, January 27, 2023, representatives of the Western United States leadership of the Social-Democrat Hnchakian Party (SDHP), Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) and the Armenian Democratic Liberal Ramgavar Party (ADLP) held a more than two-hour long meeting at the ADLP offices in Altadena, during which they discussed the alarming situation in Artsakh along with local issues affecting national life. The meeting was attended by Vazken Khodanian (Chairman) and Mihran Khachadourian from the SDHP, Daron Der Khachadourian (Chairman) and Karekin  Khanjian from the ARF, Dr. Raffi Balian (Chairman) and Garo Kupelian from the ADLP.

The meeting participants emphasized the importance of relentlessly pursuing the national cause, as well as reinforcing Armenia’s statehood and independence with maximum effort and purposeful work. The anti-Armenian policy of genocidal Turkey and its partner, Azerbaijan, still exists today. They agreed that we  must all express our direct solidarity in support of Artsakh, raising the crisis on the local, state and national levels and demanding that the United States take urgent intervention toward reopening the Berdzor Corridor.

During the meeting, it was decided to give new impetus to common community structures (AGC, UACLA) to organize the April commemorations of 2023 with the tradition established in previous years and with joint efforts. The participants agreed to advance other national agendas with the joint efforts of the three parties.

As the Armenian nation and the homeland are in an existential struggle, the parties agreed that it is the duty of all of us to serve the homeland and the Armenian people with united ranks.

The three parties call on all Armenians to unite around our national and organizational structures, prioritize our nation’s and people’s rights, and bring your participation for the benefit of their security and well-being.

SDHP Western US Executive Committee

ARF Western USA Central Committee

ADLP Western District Committee