Free Tatevik Virabyan

Free Tatevik Virabyan

Tatevik Virabyan was detained on September 19 during the rallies for the defense of Artsakh in the center of Yerevan. The police claimed that she did not comply with their demands, participated in mass riots, and called for violence on social media.

Tatevik Virabyan is from Artsakh. Tatevik’s brother Gevorg Virabyan died in the war. She has two minor children, who are now being taken care of by their grandmother.

According to her attorney, Arsen Babayan, Tatevik fainted for the first time on October 15 in the cell of Abovyan Prison. She fainted again on October 30. Babayan explains that doctors are monitoring Tatevik and at the moment, her health situation is stable.

On October 19, Judge Rubik Mkhitaryan of the Appellate Criminal Court rejected the complaint submitted by the defense attorneys against the arrest of Tatevik Virabyan.

It is this government that some urge us to unify around. That is tantamount to unifying around treason, surrender, and our enemies.