Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Funhouse’ Celebrates Vardavar

Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Funhouse’ Celebrates Vardavar

LOS ANGELES – Armenian culture took center stage in a Disney animation for the first time.

In the latest installment of ‘Mickey Mouse Funhouse’, viewers were immersed in the vibrant festivities of the Armenian festival of Vardavar, known as the Holiday of Water, celebrated with exuberant water games and splashing.

The narrative unfolds as Minnie Mouse, inadvertently donning the wrong attire for Vardavar, embarks on an unexpected journey with her friends, encountering the Armenian goddess Astghik.

Astghik, symbolizing water, fertility, and love, is beautifully depicted in traditional Armenian attire known as Taraz, adding an authentic touch to the storyline.

When Minnie’s outfit is soaked, Astghik comes to her aid, graciously assisting in cleaning it and presenting Minnie with her own Taraz, adorned with a delightful pink bow.

Liana Bdéwi, of Armenian descent, lends her voice to Astghik, reflecting on her excitement upon securing the role. “I was in disbelief because there was no way this was real. What am I reading,” Bdéwi shared, highlighting her dedication to making Astghik charming and inviting.

The episode further embraces Armenian culture with Astghik speaking Armenian and featuring cultural elements like Chip and Dale selling tahn, a beloved Armenian yogurt drink, and preparing khorovats, traditional Armenian BBQ.

This groundbreaking episode signifies Disney’s inaugural depiction of Armenian culture, a momentous step forward in cultural representation.

Penned by Kathleen Sarnelli Kapukchyan, the episode is currently available for viewing on DisneyNow.com and the DisneyNOW app, with plans for it to be accessible on Disney+ in the future.