AYF Flyer Scandal

AYF Flyer Scandal

It is urged that these hoodlums be kicked out of our community…

By Hagop N. Chopurian, Esq.

Armenians assume that only Turkey or any organization hired and sponsored by the Turkish government is anti-Armenian Genocide Recognition and Reparation. This assumption is proving terribly wrong on the part of peace and truth-loving majority of Armenians.

What expired on April 9, 2023, in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church, Glendale is a testament to that assumption.

While AYE members were distributing leaflets to rally Armenians on April 24, a couple of Armenian-Turkish agents began to destroy the leaflets and chased the activists out of the lot.

The names of the people that carried out these heinous acts are very well known to the community. These so-called pseudo-Armenians would do all and everything to disrupt any activity if its origin is not sanctioned by these megalomaniac Neo-Turks.

It is urged that these hoodlums be kicked out of our community and prove to them that such activities will not be tolerated and should be judged and treated like we treat any Turkish organization that opposes Justice.


The author is a Glendale-based prominent American Armenian attorney and an advocate of Justice for the victims of all genocides. He is the author of several commentaries and articles.

USA Armenian Life Magazine April 14, 2023 Issue 1881