Assemblymember Laura Friedman Secures $100,000 for Burbank Youth Center

Assemblymember Laura Friedman Secures $100,000 for Burbank Youth Center

Burbank, CA – 10/14/2023 – Assemblymember Laura Friedman of the 44th District demonstrated her unwavering commitment to the local community by presenting a $100,000 check to the Burbank Youth Center. The check, secured by Assemblymember Friedman, will provide vital funding to support the maintenance and development of this essential hub for the residents of Burbank.

The presentation took place yesterday evening at the Burbank Youth Center, bringing together a distinguished group of community leaders, including Mayor Konstantine Anthony, Vice Mayor Nick Schultz, City Council  Member Nikky Perez, and Burbank Unified School District’s trustee Armond Aghakhanian. This event was a testament to the collaborative spirit of public servants dedicated to improving the lives of the people they represent.

The event was also attended by representatives and members of various sister organizations, all of whom have offices within the Beshir Mardirossian Youth Center. These organizations include ACF, ARF, ANCA Burbank, AYF Burbank Varak, AYF Burbank Juniors Gaidzag, ARS Araz Chapter, and HMEN Sipan Chapter. Their presence was a clear demonstration of unity and shared goals in serving the local community.

The Burbank Beshir Mardirossian Youth Center, as a vital community resource, has long been in need of roof repairs and aims to install solar panels to reduce energy bills, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective operation. This infusion of funds from Assemblymember Laura Friedman will greatly assist in fulfilling these essential infrastructure needs.

The community center hosts an array of after-school programs catering to both children and teenagers, offering activities such as gymnastics and basketball. Maintaining a safe and functional building is crucial to providing a nurturing and constructive environment for the youth in Burbank.

Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s dedication to securing funds for the Burbank Youth Center underscores her commitment to improving the quality of life for her constituents and the broader community. The $100,000 contribution will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the center’s ability to serve the residents of Burbank effectively.

Assemblymember Friedman expressed her enthusiasm for the project, saying, “I’m so happy to have been able to secure the $100,000 for the Burbank Armenian Youth Center. These funds will be used for a much-needed roof repair that will enable the Center to install solar panels and upgrade the Center’s security systems. That is not only a victory for the environment but will enable the Armenian community and the seven chapters of Armenian organizations that call the Center home to access the center safely and free from harm. I am always proud to be able to support the vibrant Armenian community of the 44th district.”

This generous donation from Assemblymember Laura Friedman is a testament to her dedication to her constituents and her commitment to ensuring the continued success and growth of the Burbank Youth Center.