Armenian Protests: Rising Against Pashinyan’s Grip on Power

Armenian Protests: Rising Against Pashinyan’s Grip on Power

In a bold display of dissent against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s leadership, 171 individuals were detained on Monday for demanding his resignation amidst ongoing protests in Yerevan. These demonstrations, spurred by calls from Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian, have intensified, with the Armenian Interior Ministry confirming the release of 156 detainees later in the day.

Galstanian’s rallying cry for the masses to “paralyze” the capital and beyond was echoed in a massive rally at Republic Square, underscoring the growing discontent with Pashinyan’s governance. However, instead of addressing the legitimate grievances of the people, the response from authorities has been heavy-handed. Riot police forcibly dispersed protesters, employing excessive force and even targeting individuals who posed no threat.

Reports of protests disrupting major highways further highlight the widespread dissatisfaction with Pashinyan’s policies. The deliberate obstruction of traffic symbolizes the populace’s frustration with a government that appears deaf to their concerns.

Amidst the chaos, Galstanian tirelessly engages with various sectors of society, seeking to garner support for the movement against Pashinyan’s decision to cede border territories to Azerbaijan. His efforts, accompanied by a dedicated following, demonstrate a unified front against perceived governmental betrayal.

The aim of these protests extends beyond mere street demonstrations; they are a concerted effort to pressure lawmakers into taking action. Galstanian’s call for a vote of no confidence against Pashinyan underscores the urgent need for change in leadership.

However, the opposition’s path is fraught with obstacles. Despite alliances within the parliament, securing the necessary votes remains a challenge. Even the prospect of Ishkhan Zakarian, a potential defector from Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party, joining their cause offers no guarantee of success.

As Pashinyan’s grip on power loosens, the opposition faces an uphill battle to effect meaningful change. The resilience of the Armenian people in the face of adversity serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to justice and accountability.