ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Visits Prelate Khacherian

ARF Western U.S. Central Committee Visits Prelate Khacherian

The newly-elected Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western U.S. Central Committee, headed by its chair, Garo Madenlian, met with Western Prelate Archbishop Kegham Khacherian at the Prelacy on Monday.

The Prelate expressed his warm regards and wished the new Central Committee success in its endeavors, while the ARF leaders also congratulated the Archbishop on his recent election as Prelate of the Western U.S.

Prelacy Executive Council President Vahe Hovaguimian also welcome the newly-elected Central Committee.

During the meeting, the current challenges facing Armenians in the homeland and the Diaspora were discussed, specifically the imperative to leverage the multifaceted capabilities of the Western U.S. Armenian community in advancing the national, educational and spiritual aspirations of Armenians.

The Prelate praised the steps taken to harmonize the largest Diaspora community and emphasized the need for unity and cooperation.