ARF Western U.S.A. 58th Regional Convention Statement

ARF Western U.S.A. 58th Regional Convention Statement

The 58th Regional Convention of the ARF Western United States of America took place from June 28-30, 2024, at the Armenian Center in Montebello, with the participation of the region’s 17 local chapters, the Shant Student Association chapter, and AYF delegations. The assembly was attended by the ARF Bureau Chairperson, accompanied by the Bureau’s representative to the Western U.S.A. region, along with representatives of the ARF Central Committees of Eastern USA and Canada.

The 58th Regional Convention was convened under exceptional national and internal organizational circumstances, as our homeland and the Armenian people worldwide are facing existential challenges, and the current government of the Republic of Armenia is seized by a regime that is serving the enemy with its anti-Armenian, nation-destroying, and homeland-destroying policies of concession.

The 58th Regional Convention of the ARF Western United States condemns the current government of Armenia for its failures to protect the Armenian nation in its constitutional duties, ceding Artsakh and hundreds of square kilometers of Armenia’s sovereign territories to the enemy, leaving defenseless the the citizens of Armenia, the Armenians of Artsakh, along with its military and political leadership and prisoners held in Baku.

The Western USA region expresses its unwavering support to our displaced compatriots from Artsakh and to the efforts towards forming a national and pro-Armenian government in Armenia.

The 58th Regional Convention was also exceptional in that the meeting aimed to provide a final and comprehensive solution to the organizational disagreements that arose in the ARF Western U.S.A. region. The assembly meticulously evaluated the aforementioned issues and unanimously decided to definitively restore normalcy in its activities both within the community and in our national life.

The Regional Convention, after reviewing issues related to the Armenian Cause, organizational matters, political, public relations, economic, and youth issues, also addressed the expanding new needs of our community, the preservation of its national identity, the revitalization of ecclesiastical and national life, and the activities of sister organizations, and made the appropriate decisions.

The Regional Convention elected a new Central Committee for the ARF Western USA region for the next two years.

ARF Western U.S.A. 58th Regional Convention