Acting President of the Artsakh Republic Davit Ishkhanyan’s Call to the People of Artsakh

Acting President of the Artsakh Republic Davit Ishkhanyan’s Call to the People of Artsakh

Acting President of the Artsakh Republic Davit Ishkhanyan issued a call to the people of Artsakh, the Presidential Office reported.

The message reads:

Dear compatriots,

Tomorrow, on September 9, in accordance with the Constitution of the Artsakh Republic, the National Assembly will elect the President of the Republic. In this unprecedented situation, we are taking this step to quickly address the growing daily challenges, effectively organize the internal life of the country, and adequately face the external challenges.

The right and responsibility to elect the Head of the State is assigned by the Constitution to the parliament, which you elected. The authority to nominate a candidate for the President of the Republic is reserved exclusively for the factions of the Artsakh National Assembly, which was carried out in accordance with the established procedure. As of now, all preparatory processes for the resignation of the President of the Republic and the election of a new President have been organized in accordance with the Constitution and legislation, considering the current acute crisis situation.

Taking into account certain dangerous trends developing in public sentiments in recent days, at this responsible moment, with the right reserved to me, I call for sobriety to everyone and urge not to give in to the provocations that divide the people, not to succumb to narrow group interests and to put aside personal preferences for the sake of the common good. No one has the right to take our community, its individual groups, on an adventure during this time that is fatal for us. I want to specifically emphasize and assure you that all actions that undermine internal stability will be stopped by the force of law.

We possess all the means to thwart Azerbaijan’s ambitions to dismantle the state institutions of the Artsakh Republic, and we should not contribute to the realization of Azeri criminal goals by any means.

We are committed to protect and strengthen the foundations of statehood we’ve built over three decades. It is the desire and will of our people, and we are obliged to be guided by those goals.

I extend my best wishes to all of us carrying out this crucial political process.
Believe that together we can turn the seemingly impossible into reality.