Who is Ultimately to Blame for the Situation in Artsakh

Who is Ultimately to Blame for the Situation in Artsakh

By Levon Baronian

Let’s make something perfectly clear about who bears the most responsibility for the fact that over 120,000 Armenians have been facing a genocidal blockade in Artsakh for over 10 days.

It’s not the Russian peacekeepers.

It’s not the international community.

It’s not the Azeri terrorists themselves pretending to be eco-activists, blocking the road between Armenia and Artsakh. It’s not even Azerbaijan’s dictator Aliyev.

Pashinyan and his government set up these conditions and washed their hands of Artsakh, but it’s not even Pashinyan who is ultimately responsible.

It is the indifferent masses in Yerevan combined with those who still back Pashinyan that are ultimately responsible, for not standing up en masse and getting rid of him and his entire treasonous government.

To the Armenians leisurely passing time in cafes or preparing for the holiday festivities in Yerevan and the rest of Armenia, while their brethren in Artsakh face genocide; please don’t ask for help from the Diaspora Armenians when the Turks come for you. If you feel no responsibility for your Armenian brethren in Artsakh and choose Nikol and your stomachs instead, you will feel the wrath of karma soon enough. History is full of such examples.